Meet the Band

The band members of Downtown Sound are all seasoned professionals that are experienced in making every performance an event to remember!
We all sing and double on numerous instruments, our energy and variety of music keeps everyone dancing all night long!

Jim Reeder

Trumpet, Keyboards, Vocals, Manager

Jim Reeder is the founding member of the band. He plays trumpet, keyboards, and sings, in addition to booking the band, running sound and lights, and working with clients to make sure every event is successful and fun.

Julie Skoy

Guitar, Vocals, and Chaos

Julie's vocals and guitar playing are very familiar with the band's longest fans. Known as Unrulie Julie, she brings fun and energy to every performance with her great singing, warm smile, and audience participation.

Mark Kennedy

Drums and Vocals

Mark's steady drum beat and great vocal talents provide energy in the sound of the band. Mark handles many lead vocals and backup vocals on the rock, ballads, and country music Downtown Sound plays.

Jay Minar

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Saxophone and Vocals

Jay doubles on lead guitar and bass guitar, and also plays saxophone, piano, and concertina at each performance. In addition, he sings lead vocals on our country music. His versatility gives our music so many different flavors.

Timothy Price

Lead Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Tim has many years of experience playing concerts and touring the nation. His amazing guitar talents and stage presence is a huge addition to the band. Tim also doubles on banjo, and ukulele.